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Queen Victoria wants it all; romance, power, an heir and freedom. But balancing her wants with her duty as Queen may prove to be too much. Can she have it all and be the monarch her country is counting on?
Fulfilling his role as new father, husband and interim leader while Victoria recovers from childbirth, Prince Albert must navigate the pressure of his responsibilities without stepping on Victoria's toes.
Lord Melbourne may be in retirement but Buckingham Palace keeps calling him back. Queen Victoria still relies on his tempered advice and calls on him to help her navigate new hurdles. Will he return to stay?
The new Mistress of the Robes, the Duchess of Buccleuch, is an established member of the court with years of experience. Not afraid to voice her opinion, her candor may actually be hiding a softer side.
Prince Ernest, Albert's older brother, is heartbroken after his forbidden love affair with the Duchess of Sutherland. Now he is back to his promiscuous ways. Will he ever find true love?
The newly promoted Mrs. Skerrett relishes her new role as Head Dresser. Married to the job, she has no time for romance but the reappearance of someone special may cause her to shift her focus... if just for a moment.