To truly pull the show’s excitable fans in-world, we featured BoJack “himself” tweeting, Instagramming, replying to emails, posting on Reddit, and even sending autographs.


Mudbound | Netflix
Mudbound launched as one of the most talked about Netflix Originals to date as we amplified the critical acclaim and social relevance to help drive awards consideration.


As the iconic horror franchise hit theaters, our social campaign refreshed the positioning while spiking interest in John Kramer’s legacy to help fuel a #1 opening on Halloween weekend.


Smart social content that got the tone and conversation just right helped position an unexpected indie romance from a rising comedy star into a breakout box office hit.


Social content helped frame the synth-pop, eye-popping energy of this Cold War action romp, showcasing star Charlize Theron as she delivered the stunts – and the goods.


When a brash cable network looked to rebrand around an outrageous new show, we delivered a kick-off stunt and targeted social campaign to shake up feeds everywhere.


To help launch Netflix’ latest, we collaborated on original thinking and striking creative that captured the raw energy and bold look of this ensemble comedy from Jenji Kohan.


Our social campaign showcasing the film’s visceral action and exploring questions of identity in a cyber-mech future helped position GITS to open at over $40M internationally.


When life beyond Earth is discovered, a space crew is launched into a terrifying thriller; our video pieces for the international social campaign helped make their fear tangible.


A sleeper hit turned instant classic, setting the stage for Chapter 2. Our stylish social campaign helped deliver a powerful $30M opening, more than doubling original’s debut.


Split | Universal Pictures
We introduced audiences to the latest mesmerizing hook from M. Night Shyamalan through multiple tactics in our social campaign, helping to deliver a powerful #1 opening that topped $40M.