In a summer of sequels, we helped launch an action original – Dwayne Johnson in full hero mode atop the world’s highest building – to open as the #1 movie in the world.


We promoted new episodes on the hub of dubbed anime, teasing scenes via original video edits and driving to the service with “Now Streaming” messaging.


We leveraged the talent of Ryan Murphy’s groundbreaking new show to create an inclusive social campaign around tolerance and kindness.


For Netflix’s biggest marketing campaign to date, we filmed an epic date announce piece followed by an array of high-impact video content to create global buzz.


We served as hands-on partners with Universal, delivering months of tactical thinking and original content that helped generate the 2nd largest opening in the studio’s history.


Mudbound | Netflix
Mudbound launched as one of the most talked about Netflix Originals to date as we amplified the critical acclaim and social relevance to help drive awards consideration.


As the iconic horror franchise hit theaters, our social campaign refreshed the positioning while spiking interest in John Kramer’s legacy to help fuel a #1 opening on Halloween weekend.


Smart social content that got the tone and conversation just right helped position an unexpected indie romance from a rising comedy star into a breakout box office hit.