Let Us Lead Your Banner Campaigns into the HTML5 Future.

While long a standard in banner ads, Flash is on its way to becoming an Internet memory. Frustrations with the plug-in’s relevance and vulnerability to hacking have evolved from “Flash-bashing” to the official industry opinion, as certified by two recent pronouncements.

First, all versions of Flash have been turned off in Firefox. Second – the real death blow – YouTube officially split with Flash 2015, playing videos natively in its browser using HTML5. In addition, digital marketing is moving rapidly towards a mobile-first mindset, and Flash have never been supported by the iPhone. In fact, Android support for tit ended in 2011.

Is your agency staffed for this switch? Are they working in today’s, and tomorrow’s, banner world? bpg is. We are fully staffed and experienced at creating full HTML5 campaigns, so your projects are executed as smoothly, creatively and – with under 11% of sites using Flash – as effectively as ever. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Sample HTML5 Rich Media ad (created by bpg Interactive):