A Dog’s Purpose speaks to everyone who has ever loved a dog. So we leveraged this passion to form a bond with the movie, inviting users to celebrate their dog’s purpose, to share it with others, and maybe even to give a needy dog of purpose of its own.

The key was to spread awareness of the title, through its poster, by inviting fans to make their own pets the “star” of the film. This irresistible UGC play laid the groundwork for the payoff site: the movie’s poster recreated out of thousands of dogs – a user-generated mosaic that even included pets available for adoption or sponsorship.

A feel-good movie called for feel-good marketing. These sites put a smile on the faces of dog lovers and primed them to see the film which with they had already bonded.


My Dog’s Purpose

Every agency is looking for that next UGC hit. It’s got to be simple, with built-in appeal that taps into a strong feeling – like the love for one’s pet. The film’s poster offered a perfect opportunity for customization, as users swapped out the movie dog for their own then updated the title with their dog’s name.

The tagline drove home the point, inviting others to take part in the fun: “Every dog has a purpose.” As fans started to see these posts in their feeds, the need to showcase their own pet spread the message. So when the movie came to theaters, its poster had already formed a personal connection.

My Dog’s Purpose Website


Every Dog Deserves A Purpose

To visualize the film’s thematic hook, we invited user’s to add their dog and its purpose to a dynamic mosaic of the movie poster. But you didn’t need a pet to participate; thanks to a partnership with Best Friends, the mosaic included nearly 1,000 rescue dogs looking for a home, and a purpose, of their own.

In addition to these adoption opportunities, the site also provided a path to sponsorship (with matching funds by Universal) as well as easy sharing of dog profiles to try and match friends to dogs in need. The “My Dog’s Purpose” poster generator was also just a click away, tieing the two sites together.

A Dog’s Purpose Website