For Season 4 of this cult classic, Netflix’ first animated original, our social team dove deep into show content and narratives, expanding on the universe to promote its release. Believing that the best marketing is not marketing but rather immersion, we treated fans to the ultimate community manager, letting BoJack tell his own always-unpredictable story (first-person) on social media.


Back Again! (Battery Power 12%)

Why make an announcement when you can make a splash. So we decided that even the news that BoJack had been renewed would be done in-universe. We created a video of his phone as he gets the good news, capturing the “real event.” Naturally, BoJack has not charged his phone recently, because he puts off every task until the last possible moment. Many fans noticed this attention to detail.


Always Always BoJack’s Voice

BoJack is an old horse whose patience for new things ended sometime in the mid-90s. He refuses to spell correctly, learn Twitter best practices, or find the shift key. Some of his tweets are not even complete thoughts, with him hitting “tweet” before finishing writing them, and then declining to – or not understanding how to – delete them. Similarly, his hundreds of custom-written emails to fans used whatever grammar BoJack thought was appropriate.

Nonetheless, as BoJack is a hero to fans across the world who, like him, suffer from depression, fans were delighted to have the opportunity to speak to him directly. Some of them formed meaningful connections with him, even though they know, on some level, they are not really speaking with a cartoon horse.


Mr. Peanutbutter Takeover

At the end of BoJack Horseman Season 3, BoJack goes missing. Since the social media accounts are canonical, that means he had to go dark there, too. But “never posting” is not a great strategy for promoting a new season of a TV show. So we came up with a solution: Mr. Peanutbutter would take over the account.

Discovering that BoJack left himself logged in on Mr. Peanutbutter’s computer, Mr. Peanutbutter posted a series of prank messages. When they weren’t deleted, per usual, he assumed the account was abandoned; and remembering that his campaign manager told him he needed “a Twitter account with lots of followers,” he swooped in and used it. It was Mr. Peanutbutter’s governor campaign account up until the point when Season 4 dropped and BoJack returned.


Short-Form Storytelling

BoJack’s Instagram feed and Instagram Story featured images in a sequence, such as the one involving BoJack and Hollyhock going on a trip to Hawaii together. All of the “photos” BoJack takes were custom-illustrated and approved by the TV show’s lead animator, and several of them contain classic “old-guy-using-phone” mistakes, like putting your thumb in front of the camera. We even invented some animal-people specifically for use in these social stories, including a jellyfish-person who stung BoJack on the beach.