Gerard Butler, 50 Cent, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Pablo Schrieber – tough guys all going mano a mano in an intense, gritty, wild ride. Guns and attitude. No backing down. That’s the sell. So we set up the scene: rival gangs, Regulators vs Outlaws, except the twist is, the Regulators are cops. Bad guys with badges. So, which side you on?

We pushed our leads front and center, with each hero character piece beating to Kendrick Lamar’s pulsing score. A mini-campaign focused on framing the stakes, taking on the “impossible score,” the Federal Reserve, in the capital of bank robberies. Then we focused on polished video content and talent shout-outs to drive fans to get to theaters.

Start to finish, there was a persistent sense of urgency; act now or pay the price. And pay the price is exactly what happened, as fans showed up strong in the traditionally slow month of January to push Den of Thieves to an impressive $30M take.


Badasses All

This was a true badass star ensemble, so we established the sides (Regulators vs Outlaws) then showcased each of the leads with hard-hitting character pieces. Beyond the driving music and scene-chewing attitude, these original edits introduced the broader storyline and each character’s role in it.


Robbery Capital of America

Arresting infographics established California as America’s bank robbery capital, with Los Angeles at the epicenter. We added eye-catching robbery facts to gritty film stills and contextual character VO to set the mood. This job wasn’t going to be easy; doing the impossible never is.


It’s Going Down

The end game is box office, so we upped the urgency with a mix of stylized countdown cinemagraphs culminating in an intense “Now Playing” mini-spot, talent shout-outs on Instagram to purchase tickets, and a series of bold-faced reviews that showed the talent in full action mode coming “right at you.”