For the second straight year, we welcomed the opportunity to announce the arrival of a new season of Downton Abbey to its legion of American fans.

We created a Rich Media-focused digital display campaign along with a Times Square digital billboard that teased the new season, paying off its tagline – Every Secret Has a Price – with character specific content.


Times Square Welcomes Downton

Our high-impact, high profile video billboard creative ran all holiday week in Times Square, leading up to a special 4-hour domination on New Year’s Eve.

For this “spectacular,” the unit featured the Season 5 promo spot plus original motion graphics for each character. The NYE special run added three more pieces created in-house – Fan Photos, BTS Photos and Trivia Questions.


Characters, Themes & Video

The Season 5 campaign was built around the strategy of featuring video. Expandable multi-panel units offered users a choice of clips, mixing the trailer with a selection of sneak peek character-study videos.

Fans could also click for a series of special “Character Cards,” teasing plot points for the upcoming season as they related Bates, Carson, Mary et al to the larger theme of “Every Secret Has a Price.”

Sample the units: 160×600 | 300×250 | 728×90