One of the largest anime streaming sites around, specializing in dubbed anime, Funimation brought us in to create paid social creative assets around three shows, messaging the show’s return to the platform and driving tune-in to new episodes.

Since these were to be paid media targeting users who had subscribed in the past, or were currently subscribed, we were freed up creatively to cut to the heart of these narratively complex shows. Our videos didn’t need to set-up, explain, or get bogged down with a lot of background information.

The result? Three to four original motion pieces per show designed to reinvigorate the target audience, tapping into what they love about anime, and enticing them to catch the latest dramatic twists on Funimation. All wrapped up with “Now Streaming” messaging.



An alternate timeline. A future war over time machines. Death and memories. We jumped in with original edits and eye-catching see-say graphic text to throw fans right back into the larger than life struggle… with a touch of whimsical fun.



Sexy, wild, and full of semi-naked “fan service,” viewers follow a virgin student in a high-school of angels and devils. We tracked the constant flux of relationships while capturing the pure anime titillation – visually and with unforgettable sound bites.


My Hero Academia

It’s a superpower world, with superheroes in training, facing the League of Villains. Think high school, but with cosmic stakes. We leaned into the striking, swirling visual style and broke the visual “borders” to convey the intensity of action.