To help brand FYI as the genuine, inclusive network that values its viewers, we engaged self-motivated influencers in an unexpected, socially charged Surprise & Delight campaign designed to say thanks, “Just Because.”

In a good faith exchange – not a contest or sweeps – we identified fan advocates on social, reached out to a few with a custom-tailored rewards package, spotlighted them on our microsite, and amplified the positive conversation that followed.


Identifying Candidates

Phase One involved social listening and identifying excited, vocal brand advocates. We weren’t after the greatest reach, but sought out fans who offered a personal touch, a fresh voice, a genuine connection with the shows and brand.

By crosschecking social feeds, timelines and Pinterest Boards, we made note of their followings, tweets/posts related to different FYI shows, and even relevant information about where their unique “surprise sweet spots” may lie.

  • Phil Barnes
    • Touring musician / rock star
    • Needs his coffee!
    • Tiny House Nation fan
    • @philbarnesmusic
  • Jillian Marie
    • Loves wine & travel
    • Certified Princess!
    • Reality TV fan
    • @princessjillyms
  • Andrew Bartolotta
    • Avid volunteer
    • Foodie adventurer!
    • Tiny House Nation fan
    • @andrewjpg


Customized Gifting

Social listening provided more than a roster of candidates; it gave us the personal insights needed so that our gift baskets not only surprised, but resonated. We then reached out to our selects via direct messaging – collecting addresses, permissions, etc.

Gift baskets were curated and packed in-house, filled with 3-5 items inspired by learnings from social listening: a weekender bag, journal, scented candles, etc. At times, when the fit felt right, FYI-branded gifts filled out the selection.

Judging by how our recipients photographed the gifts and proudly shared them on their channels, the personal touch was greatly appreciated.


Website / Social Amplification

The “Just Because” microsite serves as a snapshot of our growing FYI family, showcasing fans, listing out their gifts, linking to their social accounts, and giving a shout-out to some other newly discovered brand advocates.

As recipients tweet about gifts, often sharing photos, FYI retweeted or replied in acknowledgement – letting others know the campaign is ongoing, keeping the goodwill alive, and joining in the conversation around “thank you” posts.