2017 Davey Award, Silver
Ghost in the Shell: Content: Entertainment

A legendary anime classic comes to life as an action tentpole starring the world’s most profitable female star, weaving stunning visual effects into an enthralling sci-fi universe that forces us to examine what it means to be human.

We kick-started this examination by tapping influencers to present their take on “the ghost” (consciousness) in their shell, then live streamed real world advancements in the cyber-mech revolution. Serious fans jumped into the conversation, helping to create buzz and drive early awareness of the feature release.

Finally, stylish action pieces embraced a wider fan base, reaching out to genre viewers around the world intrigued by the futuristic themes, excited by the look, and eager to check out this visual experience in the theater.


A Question of Identity

Within the action of the film is a driving need: The Major’s quest for self-knowledge. This lost sense of identity is the “ghost” inside the shell of her weaponized body. To make this theme connect with fans in a tangible way, we reached out to influencer artists around the world to present what that quest means to them through original creations.


  • Reach: Over 7 million people across 8 international markets (United Kingdom, Thailand, Spain, South Korea, Shanghai, Singapore, Netherlands and USA)
  • Views: Over 750,000 across all influencer content
  • Engagements: Over 300,000 engagements across all influencer content


Biohacking: The Future is Now

Biohacking “Grinders” are already taking the cyber-mech revolution into their own hands – literally. In his TEDx talk, Amal Graafstra gives a first-person perspective about implanting RFID chips into his hands to unlock doors and his laptop.

We tied the conversation around biohacking back to the film by hosting a live event where body mod specialist Amal surgically implanted a cybernetic enhancement and live streamed it across 52 Paramount-owned global Facebook pages.

To further our reach, we recruited Africa’s Top Instagrammer @Garethpon as our subject, receiving and demoing the RFID implant as he helped host the live stream, giving credence to the (not so far off) future shock world of GITS.


  • Reach: 1,480,000
  • Views: 193,000
  • Reactions: 6,300
  • Comments: 1,600
  • Note: All results from 48 hours after the stream went live


Read for Action

Original motion pieces captured the visionary futuristic esthetic of the film, complete with staggered glitches and fractured panels. The Major and her team are in full action mode as the release date arrived.

To further dramatize the “futureshock” effect, disruptive posts on social channels broke through established boundaries to grab eyeballs.