Like any great thriller, The Girl on the Train kept fans guessing by changing POVs, teasing out clues and shifting the focus from one suspect to the next. In addition to driving home the sexy thriller energy, our official movie site did just that – introducing each character one by one, pulling them into focus, when suddenly an Easter egg “recalled” a short violent memory that threw suspicion in their direction.


Blurred Recall

The tagline reads: “What you see can hurt you.” So we created a site that captured the essence of this hook in a tidy capsule. Each character is presented separately; on rolling over a blurred descriptor (“Distant admirer”), users revealed a second half to the line that positioned them as a suspect (“or obsessed alcoholic”).

An Easter egg gave proof to the suspicion. Clicking the copy line triggered a buried “memory,” a short hidden video clip that reframed our character as a possible, even violent, suspect. WIth this set-up, official trailers and photo gallery now served to let curious users investigate further.