Like any great thriller, The Girl on the Train kept fans guessing by changing POVs, teasing out clues and shifting the focus from one suspect to the next. We amplified this misdirection by leaning on the central hook: our lead suffers blackouts and, though the sole witness to a murder, can’t remember what she saw. Now everyone’s a suspect.

Our official movie site introduced users to each character one by one, slowly pulling them into focus and then, suddenly, an Easter egg “recalled” a short violent memory that threw suspicion in their direction. This conceit was supported by a rich social campaign that reinforced the mystery while driving home the sexy thriller energy.


Everyone’s a Suspect

A social content series worked hand-in-hand with the official site, positioning each lead character both as an innocent neighbor, friend, ex, etc… and as a person of interest. The strategic focus was on driving home the positioning of TGOTT as a thriller, using social feeds to cast suspicion on every possible player.


Secrets, Lies, and Obsessions

Beyond the “whodunnit” question, our social campaign reinforced the movie’s steamy, sexy energy and wrapped it around the central themes of secrets, lies and obsessions. Rachel (Emily Blunt) is an alcoholic suffering memory blackouts; we played up her role as an unreliable witness through compelling social content.