After we launched GLOW with the iconic neon pink ropes, we leaned into the characters to generate a must-see content piece to announce Season 2. The music video plays out like a dream sequence, letting the girls indulge in the fantasy of fame, while the song kept the rock-and-roll energy high. A series of character pieces then captured the reality of the show, real women making tough real life choices, as we looked to move GLOW beyond wrestling and establish it as a comedy with heart.


Calling All Maniacs: The Music Video

The hero piece of a special shoot day, our Date Announce piece, an ensemble music video, recaptures the rocking spirit of Season 1. As always, Sam rips the girls back into reality in this original video – concepted, directed and produced by bpg.


On The Verge Of Fame

We tailored our special shoot to create individual character pieces, capturing each member of our female ensemble outside the ring and beyond the lights – reflecting Season 2’s deeper diver into personal stories.


Big Stories, Big Dreams

Just as we did for Season 1, we created a series of digital OOH boards across a range of eye-catching larger-than-life units, conveying the sense of character behind the neon and the journey still ahead.