Leveraging the “Orange is the New Black” pedigree was ideal for the target audience, but just for starters. We looked not only to activate the Orange Army, but to reach even wider by featuring the ensemble cast, creating new stars, embracing themes of inclusivity and empowerment, and generating exciting eye-catching creative.

This is a show about transformation: everyday women discovering and owning their over-the-top alter-egos – and doing it together. During a day long shoot, we planned for and captured a range of special shoot content tailored for social to showcase the cast’s diversity, honed in on a bright 80s retro look, and even found inspiration in period-accurate marketing tactics.

Above all, every piece, every look, every word from Tease to Post-Launch had to feel authentic. These needed to be relatable “real” women, not marketing tools. We aimed to excite followers by inviting them to join the wild ride, feeling with each now post like they just might tag into the ring themselves.


The Gorgeous Ladies Are Coming

To build excitement, we led with the headline – yes, it’s about women wrestling – but kept an air of mystery. Something big was coming, but it’s more about attitude than style, more about confidence than celebrity. Unexpected body images were proudly promoted and sexiness was defiantly owned. Hear that? That’s not feet stomping on a matt, that’s your heart pounding to know more.


Transformation Begins

The pink ropes that launched the campaign set the stage for a new wave: glowing behind character breakouts in a street art series that revealed their transformations via their shadows radiating in pink. Next, we introduced our ensemble as real people (everyday looks) through 80s “caught moment” Polaroid shots.

As launch neared, we paid it off with a stunning motion poster revealing our “Glitter Girls” in full costume and attitude… declaring our three stars with center placement. Every piece was served with fresh non-marketing copy that cut to the core.


Real Women, Real Drama, The Real Deal

The retro aesthetic blossomed across a slew of fresh creative across platforms. To showcase the wrestling moves, we brought them to life via an Instagram Story that “taught” fans, tap by tap. A catchy Viewfinder piece gathered the street art assets all into one 80s-inspired piece. 9-grids on Instagram wove in authentic-looking wrestling match posters, with video Easter eggs included throughout.

To put fans in the moment, a hero video piece (also planned back in the special shoot) put viewers in the ring, facing off with our leads, who circles and roared and ultimately hurled them (the camera) aside. Finally, we live-streamed from the Pink Carpet premiere, featuring our, then editing this asset into a recap to post across channels to drive viewing.


Enter the World

After the big push to show launch, we kept the energy high by diving deeper into the narrative, introducing “Sam Sylvia” with a special piece tailored to Marc Maron fans and inserting our Russia-vs-USA storyline into special July 4th pieces.

Fun visual content included a video showcasing GLOW-specific wrestling moves while an Instagram Story invited fans to “tap to spin” and get served choice sound bites in “Zoya Says.” Our “Neon Assets” series posted on Facebook and Twitter boiled down each character into an iconic neon symbol.


1-800-Talent Search

To celebrate the theme of transformation and welcome viewers into GLOW’s world, “Sam” put out a casting call for talent. Over 1,000 intense fans left messages with their wrestling name, killer move and catch phrase. We turned their spirited audio into custom neon-motion pieces celebrating their alter-egos.


Pocket-Sized Power

Paid Media filled out our strategic plan as we tailored executions for mobile placements across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat – including vertical videos and Carousels. One disruptive unit intrigued users with a faux 80s-inspired hair spray ad that is literally crushed by a GLOW wrestler pounding down from above.