To keep Homeland top of mind between seasons, we created two transmedia experiences designed both to engage the super fan with digital narrative extensions and to help get late-arriving viewers up to speed.

Our work included a host of original sites and video, packing rich story content into new containers, as well as corresponding digital display campaigns that helped sell the “reality” of these new story developments.


Decode Her Mind, Defend the Nation

Between award-winning Seasons 1 and 2, “Agents” joined a parallel digital narrative to stop a terrorist threat. Handled by bi-polar Agent Carrie Mathison, fans completed a series of online missions in order to get to the truth.

Eight sites, 4 banner ad flights, and 5 live shoots later, users not only succeeded in protecting the homeland, but by validating Carrie’s instincts, they assured that she was ready for action in S2.


Seven Pillars, Over 100 Original Videos

Using the Agent Portal as base, missions directed users through 7 sites. Each delivered an interactive, investigative experience inspired by Homeland.

In addition to scripting, casting, filming and producing video content to bring the pillars (narrative microsites) to life, we created a pulse-pounding trailer for the ARJ as well as an “Agent-CTA” video called Carrie’s Plea.


A “Special Report” on the Season 2 Finale

S2 ended with a terrorist attack that generated 1,000 questions. Conceived in collaboration with show producers, this transmedia experience bridged the seasons by revealing what reporters uncovered since that fateful day.

Featuring original videos and added characters, Aftermath invited users to delve into the fallout – the CIA press conference, forensics analysis, even 1st-person testimonials from responders and survivors.

Complete with immersive tablet and dedicated mobile versions, it set the stage for the CIA’s retaliation in the S3 premiere.