FUSE needed fresh eyeballs, so when launching a show of puppet retellings of celebrity “behind the curtain” real life stories, they turned to us to generate an original WTF?! social campaign to push the envelope and drive the buzz. Starting with a live event starring Wilmer Valderrama to fuel organic chatter, we kept up the momentum with original content unlike any other, building around 3 positioning pillars: guest star cachet, the trippy puppet hook, and true-life stories.

Without dedicated show pages, we orchestrated content across FUSE and talent channels,organically garnered a total of 63,250 engagements across 246 brand posts over the campaign. Then paid media placements took it next level as we offered strategy and asset creation execution to monitoring and reporting.

Paid Media Impact:
449,566 Total Engagements
Reach: 15M+
Video Views: 6.5M
Engagements: 6.7M


Real. Giant. Puppet. (Er, Marionette)

The day before show launch, bpg produced two live activations at Hollywood & Highland (mall) to optimize foot traffic – one at the midday lunch hour and one in the evening after work. Wilmer Valderrama appeared as the main attraction, both the real actor and a giant marionette modeled after his show puppet.

Beyond being on site running the entire event, including an interview with guest star Amanda Cerny, we also created geo-targeted social assets to drive fans to attend as well as Snapcode stickers that unlocked show clips and more.


Wilmer Like Never Before, Brah

We leveraged the celebrity reach of show host Wilmer Valderrama via original content pieces that pulled a wild bait-and-switch, teasing his appearance in some new project then revealing his HPSS persona. This little wooden guy? THIS is the Wilmer about to make a splash.


Celebrity See-Say-Sh!t

Guest stars were a huge draw and our key to awareness and reach; so we mined show beats to create mini-clips with graphic text around the wildest moments of their stories, intercutting the celebs and their puppets. Assets were posted on official channels and also shared with talent for their personal feeds.


Gettin’ Trippy

To truly capture the trippy spirit of the show, we created mini-spinoff stories around “minor characters” from episodes – characters that just happened to be inanimate and completely wack. These original pieces along with a slew of colorful GIFs made it clear that HPSS valued laughs above all else.