Reacher hit movie screens hard in 2012 to the tune of over $200 million. Brand recognition is still high, but to refresh the perception of this ex-Army MP for new fans, we created a series of “Reacher Rules” spots capturing his wit and unique POV.

Original video pieces tailored for social were striking enough to catch Tom Cruise’s eye. The star liked them so much they appeared on TV in high-profile slots like Monday Night Football. Having nailed the Reacher look, we dove into his tone to reach out to a female audience, creating spots tailored to showcase a unique brand of chivalry – and a new partner, Cobie Smolders.

The strategy paid off with a worldwide bullseye, helping propel Reacher to open at over $50M globally, a full 28% higher debut than the franchise’s 2012 original.


Reacher Rules

Jack Reacher has a specific way of assessing and addressing situations. We brought his code to life with a series of “Reacher Rules” – freezing a scene to deliver a simple takeaway in our distinctive red graphics.

To further flesh out his personality, we showcased his unique “Reacher style,” a mix of humor and action that cuts to the chase. The takeway was a lead that spoke to the broader audience beyond the action genre.


Partners in Crime… Fighting

To further expand the franchise’s audience, we reached out to women with a series of spots and reaction GIFS focused on Reacher’s dynamic with Cobie Smolders (“Major Turner”), his new kick-ass partner. These showcased his wry wit and her kickass skills.

See-Say text treatment bringing the dialogue to life ensures maximum impact in feed even without audio. Fans got a taste of their “getting to know you” banter, which introduced the fun element of Reacher having to adapt to work with an equal.


Man on a Mission

To energize the feeds, we got back to the franchise’s core selling point: Reacher as a hard-hitting action hero who is never ca and relentlessly on the move. These video pieces captured his polish with 3D effects, fast cuts, and pure attitude.

Reacher’s humor makes him relatable, but his fighting skills elevate him to the next level – a level that has inspired fans all across the world.