JCVD was back as JCVJ, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, the agent who actually used his movie career to go undercover and carry out top secret missions. It’s a ridiculous, irresistible premise, one that pointed the way for the social campaign: lean into JCVD’s famous roles and hint at the dark side that was always in front of our eyes.

First, we reminded fans of what separated Jean-Claude from his action competition – the splits. Then we gave a peek into the classified missions that played out in a series of iconic scenes we all remember. Disruptive ad units reinforced how the show tears down what we thought we knew, literally breaking the fourth wall (of the feed).


Will It Split?

JCVD is known above all for his legendary splits. So in this special shoot video, we asked the operative question – “Will is split?” – then tested a range of everyday-to-strange items to see if they had what it took when pulled to the extreme.


DYK: Movie Missions

This show asks the audience to stretch their sense of belief, so we stretched it further. Original animated narrative pieces revealed the secret (mission) purpose behind iconic movie scenes, ridiculously blending fiction and reality.


Smashing Through

No one puts JCVD (or -J) in a box. So we had him literally break down barriers, triggering show footage, including in this special shoot green screen piece for Instagram in which he shattered the frame with a front kick.


Hints Of The Past

Original illustrations teased all of our star’s “cover stories” as hand-drawn overlays cycled through visual nods to the action roles that made him famous.