It had been seven years since the last chapter of this groundbreaking horror franchise – which meant it was time to take back ownership of Halloween. Strategically, we moved away from the hook of “torture porn” to the psychological nightmare, and how a new generation of fans were all potential targets for John Kramer’s teachings.

Jigsaw isn’t exclusively about gruesome traps so much as fatal choices and consequences. And with Kramer’s death in the last film, mystery surrounded his return: Is he still alive? Are more disciples fated to suffer his teachings? Of course, we made sure to throw core fans a bone as well, connecting this latest chapter to the legacy, and terrifying tone, that defined Saw from the start.

In addition to creating original content, our team worked proactively with Lionsgate, managing multiple initiatives, keeping the feeds compelling, and actively responding to diehard fans in John Kramer’s voice. Mysterious, direct, haunting… every post built the mystique and welcomed fans, old and new, into the role of disciple. And as Halloween approached, disciples hit the theaters in droves, pushing Jigsaw to open at number one at the box office.


The Philosophy of Jigsaw

Our hero piece of the campaign, this supercut pulled from all seven legacy films to weave a glorious homage to the thinking underlying the terror; it showcased the slew of traps fans love then framed them in Jigsaw’s teachings, that one must appreciate life to earn the “gift” of being rehabilitated. Without any paid support, it generated over 350,000 views across Facebook and YouTube; 12,000 post reactions: and 2,000 shares.

Additional video assets grabbed fans on feeds in a number of ways – from “break the feed” pieces that played up the traps for franchise fans, to spotlighting the classic Jigsaw puppet, to a jump-scare rugpull in which we lured fans with a faux mediation-type ad on Instagram then hit with a burst of Jigsaw terror.


Taking Over Halloween

For a solid 24 hours – midnight to midnight – we helped Jigsaw take back Halloween via Facebook Live while treating fans to free movie tickets. We concepted and created the assets for this never-been-done-before event; fans watched victims trapped by John Kramer (a film still) as a clock counted down. Twice an hour, a quick “terror” edit delivered a jump scare while on the hour, fans watching were surprised by a code that unlocked a free movie ticket.


Death Starts Fresh

We took over the franchise Instagram handle and cleaned the slate, relaunching with a 9-grid of assets that set the tone: The truth shall set you free. As the feed filled, and release date approached, we treated longtime fans with a comprehensive breakdown of “death totals” across the franchise – Saw by the Numbers.


We Are All Disciples

We amplified a range of digital initiatives created by Lionsgate, weaving a range of messages across channels into one unified campaign. From socializing content from their disciple-generating microsite to extending the disciple message with their “He Is Everyone” mini-campaign, we nailed the tone-and-voice and kept the channels alive with buzz. Inspired by the reaction, we even added an original video of our own creation to the collection.


His Return Is Inevitable

As release date drew near, we leaned into the heart of the terror – helpless victims terrified and trapped, desperate for a way out. Pieces in the series were elevated with 3D graphic text and original heart-stopping edits.