Former late night host Craig Ferguson was poised to return to television with a witty historical debate show infused with a mix of expert and celebrity panelists. His passion for the project was as clear as the “Join or Die” tattoo on his arm.

Which meant we could pitch the dream ask and realistically make it happen: a special shoot with talent for content tailored exclusively for social. Craig loved the approach and jumped at the chance to expand the key art concept – being inserted into iconic moments in history – into an entire eye-catching series.


Social Gets Cheeky

The key art featured Craig sitting in the lap of (a built-from-scratch styrofoam) Lincoln Memorial, complete with his red, white and blue socks. We added to the smile by directing Craig through a series of humorous beats: stroking Abe’s beard, bobbing his legs, stroking his own chin in deep thought.

The shoot re-imagined other iconic moments in US history as we inserted Craig into the moon landing, Nixon’s helicopter departure, and the famous Times Square kiss. In each, we pitched fun twists from a list of ideas and Craig improvised the beats into a mini-scene, capturing the motion essential to popping in social feeds.

The series launched with an exclusive first look on Yahoo! TV. If we may quote: “Craig Ferguson has a passion for history, debate, and, it turns out, excellent ads.”


Monumental Banners

In sync with the social series, we created and produced the full banner ad campaign for Join or Die. The iconic Lincoln key art was optimized for a wide array of takeovers, skins and mastheads featuring an array of supporting video content.