We embraced that Jumanji is at heart a game, one freshly infused with a video game spirit. So to reach the younger audience, we lured fans via a socially optimized game, “Rhino Run,” that instantly loaded from a range of ads with a simple swipe up.

Users picked their avatar then, playing as one of the four main characters, ran through the jungle avoiding threats and collecting prizes – all themed to the movie. Gameplay was simple and intuitive with minimal load time; the game never ended, just increased in difficulty until the user ran out of lives.

The result: huge time spent interacting with the ad. The game was also distributed across other social and digital channels like (sponsored) Instagram Stories for more in-app play and Facebook ads that linked to our game site.


Rhino Run

In this vertical scroller, users start by picking their character – Ruby, Bravestone, Shelly or Moose – then “run through the jungle.” As the jungle endlessly scrolls past, they avoid a series of traps and beasts (Hippo, Rhino, Elephant, Jaguar) while collecting as many story-based prizes as possible: map, boomerang, Margarita, etc.

By tapping with a finger (or arrow keys on desktop), users dart from side to side to avoid getting crushed while racing forward. Make it through the entire loop and the course gets harder, with animals coming faster and prizes harder to snatch. Length of play and prizes collected earn points then, once crushed, the user can share his/her score to friends across social channels, challenging them to play.