The sequel to the massive hit Jurassic World promised more dinosaurs than ever. They have always been the true stars of the franchise, and in a twist from the traditional take of them as threats, this film placed them in imminent danger in need of rescue. We leveraged fan fever for everything dino while mining the classic elements from the franchise – iconic quotes, talent/characters, and of course, the legendary score.

Of course, for a title this big, hands-on community management was critical to leverage every possible marketing angle and amplify the biggest media hits – like crossposting with partners during the Super Bowl. We identified and targeted segmented audiences prior to premiere, and followed up by using language that would engage them (such as encouraging group viewing for teens and parents). From this data, we created special content for platforms that catered to those targets, ex. Instagram Stories over Facebook Stories. In addition, we delivered around the clock hands-on focus, serving as the front line for the studio on any leaks, rumors, and unexpected press surrounding the film.

Throughout the campaign, our role was to determine what was resonating with fans and create content/responses around it. For example, we adapted creative to lean into the Indoraptor chase and steered clear of anything referring to the destruction of Isla Nublar. The result? An opening weekend that exceeded very high expectations with $150M+, netting the second largest opening in the history of Universal.


Talent Gets In Tune

When you get the chance to work with the stars – especially a franchise legend like Jeff Goldblum – you mine it. Making the most of a special shoot day, we turned countdown pieces into something worth watching… and a classic movie theme into something worth listening to as if for the very first time. Kazoo anyone?


More Dinos Than Ever

What jumps out in social feeds. Celebrities? Food? How about dinosaurs. This franchise owns an entire world of some of the most incredible, powerful, and fascinating creatures in history. So we explored presenting the dinos, especially the new ones in Fallen Kingdom, in original, eye-catching ways..


Obliterate The Feeds

Great visuals make for GIFS; dino visuals make for an opportunity to explode beyond what’s expected to elevate the sense of power and danger. These stacked GIFS leaned into the sense of oversized thrills that can’t be contained.


RUN!!!…Into Theaters

More than ever for a massive film, opening weekend turnout was the ultimate goal, so we attacked the messaging from multiple angles – from special shoot talent pieces to 3D GIFS that leaned into exciting moments to motion posters of the key art (created by bpg).


Facebook Cover Takeovers

To promote the trailer release across NBCUniversal properties, we created a series of animated cover photos for official Facebook accounts in which, unexpectedly, a “dino claw” would rip through the image to reveal Jurassic branding beneath. Partner sites included the Golf Channel, Telemundo, and The Voice.