They found it – a living alien specimen – and now these astronauts are in the fight of their lives, launched into a thriller, trapped on their capsule, fighting to kill their discovery. The tension builds, their fears resonate, and the threat moves from ominous to grizzly.

Working from film footage, we concepted and created an array of original video spots designed specifically for social channels that helped to frame the terror, injecting a tense thriller with a shot of pure horror marketing.


Video Teases: The Mondo Poster

To premiere the movie’s new Mondo poster, we created a video teaser followed up by the actual poster reveal across official social channels, intercutting the stylized look with heart-pounding moments from the film.

Video Teaser: Bumpers

We also created 5-second cutdowns to serve as visually dynamic intro bumpers.

GIFS Evolved


GIFS are great – for some titles. But LIFE wasn’t about shock value or quick hits; it’s mounting tension and that eerie sense of things gone deadly wrong. Sound design and graphical/3D text treatments added to these micro-narrative video pieces.

Short-form video creative included a set that captured mankind’s “5 Primal Fears” as inflicted upon the crew by the specimen.