Netflix was headed to space – in a big way. This reimagining of the classic science fiction show called for a massive campaign to truly convey its vision and scale. We leveraged an original shoot to map out a series of striking digital assets that brought the campaign to life across the globe, from phone screens to synchronized boards in Times Square.



Resetting Human History

This special shoot set up the life or death stakes of the mission while giving a first look at the family Robinson. Our original concept and script reached beyond sci-fi fans, making a bold statement with universal resonance about the show’s dramatic heart. “The rest of human history begins now.”


Special Shoot: The Crash & Beyond

The key to the campaign was mapping out a slate of content to fill every need, across regions and platforms, from a single special shoot with talent. Storyboards turned to original video assets that introduced the family, teased the crash, and even gave a glimpse of the Robot at the center of the drama.

We leveraged show assets to expand the campaign, from turning key art (created by our Print department) into an original motion poster, editing show footage into the “Now Streaming” trailer, even recutting audio into a spot for Terrestrial Radio.


Lost Is Everywhere

The campaign played big, drawing eyeballs across the country in massive Digital OOH displays that featured a wide array of dimensions and synchronization.


Hey Google, Play The Lost In Space Game

Original VO recorded in-house was seamlessly integrated into show footage (with see-say graphics) to direct fans to play the Lost in Space game. Will called out to fans asking them to help rescue the Robinsons – on Google Home.