Our social strategy for Mudbound was to establish it as a true awards contender, a serious production from Netflix that would elevate perception of their Original Films as powerful must-see events – the film festival darling with universal appeal. To do this, we framed it as a sweeping, epic tale brought to life by the year’s strongest ensemble cast; and committed to creating every piece of content with the style, polish and poetry indicative of a masterpiece.

In addition to evoking the quality of the filmmaking, as seconded by the consistent featuring of film festival laurels, we built a narrative around the film’s emotional power. Mudbound isn’t merely a period piece; it’s a timeless tale about the depths and heights of the human experience with searing relevance today. All post copy was carefully crafted to reinforce this note. Assets were targeted to film industry critics as we looked to feed their interest and leverage their stamp of approval to fuel a growing buzz.

The film has already garnered impressive wins across film festivals as well as at the Gotham and Independent Spirit Awards; our campaign continues to amplify the growing acclaim to drive momentum into the heart of the awards season.


The View From Inside

This film merits hearing first-hand from the director about her intentions and inspirations. So we created original featurettes using interview footage with Dee Rees, cutting in film clips to create powerful pieces that fused her words with her vision. At the Toronto International Film Festival, we shot a “moving ensemble portrait” that captured the energy between the talent and wove this into more of her first-person insights. The results are a powerful, personal testimonial to Mudbound.


Elevating Critical Acclaim

Original video and motion work turned critic quotes into show pieces – introducing the ensemble in an epic sweep, playing into narrative elements, featuring film festival laurels and showcasing the director. With each new post, the campaign reinforced the awards messaging with critic quotes creatively executed.


Powerful. Resonant. Inspiring.

We reimagined traditional character quotes as intimate video edits that placed viewers right in the world, alone with the character’s voice as they made a personal connection. Each piece worked double-duty, opening with film festival laurels and closing with a character-specific critic quote to reinforce the awards positioning.