We partnered with Oxygen to help the channel undertake a radical rebrand – from targeting a modern, young female audience to a fact-based “All Crime All the Time” network, the new home where genre fans could catch prestige original real crime stories such as “The Disappearance Of” and “The Jury Speaks.”

To drive home the brand promise of “Taking you behind the (police) tape,” into the heart and minds of the investigation, we developed a range of creative with the new black-and-yellow scheme to give the channel an instantly identifiable look.

With each post, we aimed to deepen the connection between viewers and our stories, taking them into the scene to feel the rawness and urgency of the crime. While fact-based content established our credibility as experts, we looked to stand out in busy social feeds by showcasing high-profile cases – famous names and faces sure to intrigue the intense true crime audience.


Bursts Of Crime

A series of micro-recaps – arresting video cuts that teased cases in quick bursts – established the real-world feel and intense energy of the new Oxygen. The pacing slowed for dramatic pauses on key visuals played against bold yellow backgrounds that let fans in on the famous crime (Robert Blake, Robert Durst, Natalee Holloway) soon to be re-investigated.

Down To The Facts

Crime fans love to feel they’re “on the case,” getting investigative facts straight-up in order to formulate their own conclusions. We created a series of infographics that established the network’s new black-and-yellow (crime scene tape) look while mining facts about crime across America as well as factoids tied to specific cases.

Interactive pieces lured users to “pinch-and-zoom” their way in from an intriguing, bold headline to a closer look at the facts, literally closing in on their investigation.

No Two Are The Same

To break into busy feeds, we developed a range of content designed to catch the attention of our target audience. From disruptive ad units to YouTube preroll cycling through famous mugshots, real-world See-Say graphic text to visuals that merited a double take (tree branches looking up from a crime scene that suggested veins), we ensured that Oxygen social creative played against expectations.