The desire for acceptance, self-expression and love is universal. It’s a human truth. No matter how wildly different our lives, we all have these innate needs. Pose celebrates society’s marginalized outcasts as they come together in a House to find acceptance, where they adapt and grow, and where they ultimately discover their true self.

Inspired by the show positioning, we invited the talent to post “Love Letters” – short videos expressing empathy and reinforcing the need to connect. These messages of support invited fans to share, in turn, their personal stories.


Love Letters: #Pose4Love

Leveraging the authenticity of the cast and their personal truths, we invited talent to offer a “social hug” by recording a brief personal note to anyone struggling with difficult questions of identity and belonging.

Delivered in character, these positive messages of love and encouragement let people know they’re not alone in their journey. To widen the Pose community, fans were invited to share their stories back on social using the hashtag #Pose4Love.