2017 Finalist Davey Award
Predator: Social Media: Best Use of A Meme

How can you keep a property relevant when there’s no new material to promote? How do you drive conversation around something that’s barely on the horizon? How did we intrigue a generation to embrace a dormant franchise that’s older than they are?

The Predator is slated for 2018, over 30 years since Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenneger stormed the theaters and launched an unkillable sci-fi franchise. bpg took over the official social accounts two years in advance to move this iconic villain out of the shadows and into the social media spotlight.

The challenge was to create a flow of content that would rally the fanbase into stoking the social fires, giving a twist to topical beats or sideswiping with the unexpected (and hilarious) touch. The goal was to gradually build momentum, leveraging must-share content to position the upcoming film as a can’t-miss pop culture treat.


Breaking the Internet

It’s not often a piece of content generates an insane amount of shares, finding viral momentum because it just clicks with a fanbase that can’t wait to show friends. This is how the Internet is won: kittens, patriotism, hidden images and a 2-minute sped up version of an entire classic movie. As a GIF.


  • “You’ll never see him coming”: 18k likes; 10,911 shares
  • Kitten: 21k likes; 4,412 shares
  • 4th of July: 15k likes; 3,677 shares
  • 1-minute GIF: 28k likes; 10,646 shares


Hiding in Plain (Pop Culture) Sight

Predator is always relevant – to the Internet. So we look for fresh ways to inject this killer into the pop culture moment. The key is keeping the tone light.

Fans cherish the property, so we create content that feels like it came from “one of them,” whether that means riffing off album covers, famous art, video games or simply wishing Dad a Happy Father’s Day.


For the Fanboys

Woven through all the fun is a clear strategic plan: keep fans celebrating the iconic characters, kick-ass moments and quotable lines from the franchise. A slew of fun GIFS, original cutdowns, and themed video pieces capture all the wild energy.

Top-of-mind means never being dated. When the next installment is released, we want The Predator to feel part of a pop culture continuum that has never lost its momentum or relevance.



We set our designers free to create classic Hollywood-style posters, taking the franchise into another space by turning epic scifi action into vintage collectibles. These pieces yet again drove home the timeless appeal of Predator.