Unlike many established stars, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart work hard at their social media games. We jumped at this opportunity to feed their channels with fresh content filled with an attitude tailored to their screen personas for Ride Along 2.

And as their active fan bases expected special, we didn’t stop at a full digital display campaign and customizing the social campaign across the big three platforms; we also inserted them into new features in exciting spaces like Snapchat.


Kevin, Cube & A Whole Lot of GIF

Physical comedies offer the perfect visual fodder for Tumblr, so we created a wealth of hilarious GIFs from film assets to refresh the official RA2 platform, leveraging the quick read of the interplay between Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.

Fans also discovered a series of original “Reaction GIFs,” original footage with the stars hamming up a range of reactions – perfect for sharing on social media.