We jumped into the social campaign late in the game to inject a visceral bolt of energy into the official feeds. While the storyline was dramatically compelling, a father risking all to save his family, what separated Skyscraper was the sheer stomach-churning, head-spinning heights and “dare to fall” danger that, to get the full experience, needed to be seen on the big screen. So to drive fans into theaters, we amped up the excitement and stayed locked on our message: Don’t. Look. Down.


Don’t. Look. Down

We all know The Rock. Action hero. Super likable. Always up to the test. So our creative challenge was to convince fans that, in Skyscraper, our guy was up against something they’d never seen before. To capture through social assets the wild heights, the insane risks, and to tap into their fear of falling. Really really far.



How do you make a countdown more than a countdown? With high-end 3D copy, motion tracked and composited right into the action. We then added an original wrinkle – layering the text elements to give a sense of depth as if it were “constructed.” The effect is big, bold, eye-catching.