Having enjoyed record breaking success working with HISTORY on Hatfields & McCoys, we jumped at the opportunity to help launch their latest epic mini-series.

We created an eye-catching Rich Media campaign build around high profile takeovers, along with a massive Times Square video display that featured the larger than life cast in panoramic action. The read was quick and clear: here is a tale of historic heroism.

So how could we quit there? To finish strong, we wrapped up with a compelling Emmy FYC campaign that confirmed the promise of epic entertainment.


Larger Than Life

The Texas Rising campaign was designed to convey one word above all: Epic.

This directive translated into stunning video takeovers with riders on horseback bursting through flames, full browser video of battle, the “fog of war” stretching to the rails as characters/actors were featured standing tall in heroic poses.

Rich Media units (NASCAR, IMDB, Hollywood Reporter, etc.) included expanded panels that invited user interacting, featuring Sneak Peeks – custom-edited video – along with the trailer and a Cast Carousel.

To extend the experience into social, we also created a series of atmospheric cinemagraphs for the network’s Facebook and Instagram accounts that captured a sense of the characters in their world.


Don’t Mess With… Times Square

For a high impact, real world execution, we created an original video edit to play as part of a co-ordinated, synced rotation across 11 towering HD screens in the heart of Times Square.

Throughout the day, this fifteen second sequence teed up our all-star cast, hammered home “Don’t Mess With Texas” tag line, and showcased the most eye grabbing moments of heroic action – animating smoke from a wall of flames to transition between beats.


FYC… Texas Rising

For the “For Your Consideration” Emmy campaign, we stayed true to the original epic look, continuing to showcase intense action in the “fog of war,” but replaced cast and pedigree headline placements with a series of influential critic quotes.

The campaign kept awareness high for the special TV event and helped to generate three Emmy nominations.