This set of Virtual Audio recordings gave Vikings fans – and anybody with a pair of headphones – a sensory peek into the narrative twists of Season 5 by taking them on a journey through the most intense aspects of Kattegat life. The narrative album, “The Prophecies of the Seer,” brought users into a campfire session with a fan-favorite character, The Seer, as he shared his visions.

In each episode, the audio transitioned into the story he’s telling so fans are fully immersed in these moments, hearing them take place literally all around. 3D audio is recorded and composited to create the effect of sound in a specific physical space relative to the listener: people coming up behind you, a whisper in your ear, a scream in the distance. Or, in our case, the journeys and trials hinted at in the prophecies.

The full album of 6 episodes was not only hosted on the HISTORY website but could also be downloaded on iTunes and SoundCloud. In addition, original (episode-specific) motion pieces posted on the show’s official channels drove fans to discover the complete album experience.



For each episode, we created an original motion piece with thematic hand-drawn elements animated in After Effects, complete with a custom component using various particle systems (fire, water, sand, arrows, etc.). Each was dark and subtle, inspired by Norse art, allowing fans to focus on the audio experience.

Audio stories led listeners into immersive, visceral “soundscapes,” taking them through dreamlike journeys that hinted at what was to come in Season 5. From the Viper’s Den to a perilous sea crossing to ruthless attacks and epic betrayals, fans dove into a sonic world that foreshadowed what Fate held in store for Floki, Lagertha, Bjorn, Ivar and more.

To further intrigue fans and drive traffic, we treated the show’s stars to a listening session and captured their excitement for “the Prophecies” in this reaction video.