2015 BEST IN SHOW Davey Award
Salem: Social Media: Witchcraft Supercut

 2015 Silver Davey Award
Salem: Branded Social Post: Witchcraft Supercut

Our goal was to re-frame WGN America as a home for premium entertainment. So we amplified the buzz of an audience just discovering the show on Netflix to “Summon the Heathens,” using a wave of new brand advocates to bring more fans into the world.


Welcome To The Witching Wall

This superfan microsite served as a showcase for official and fan-created sharable content, complete with a marquee countdown to the next exclusive release.

The strategy was to widen our reach by rewarding Heathens (superfans) with art created from their Tweets, from calling out how they discovered Salem on Netflix to trumpeting their love of various characters.

These official graphics lived on the Witching Wall, where featured fans would drive friends to see their “badge” – thus exposing them to the rest of the content.