How do you create a social campaign around NOT sharing? This was the challenge in redefining the iconic “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” campaign for a social world. So we took our experience working with A-List entertainment brands and pitched Las Vegas as the ultimate Mystery Box.

The campaign fell into place as a series of content surprises and delights, with the hashtag #WHHSH – What Happens Here Stays Here – gaining meaning, traction and power each time it turned a tease into a reveal, mystery into reward.


Attitude, Energy, Mystery

We launched the campaign from intriguing new WHHSH channels populated with a series of teases – mysterious original content that introduced a new hashtag without drawing any direct connection to Las Vegas.

We began by producing in-house (and at low cost) a wealth of original video content that conveyed a premium, aspirational experience. These pieces captured all of the classic Vegas brand attributes while seeding our Mystery Box approach.


#WHHSH Hunts: Behold the Mystery Box

We gave the Mystery Box shape – creating actual black #WHHSH-branded boxes for fans to discover and claim in social scavenger hunts across the nation.

What was inside? We never said; we just dropped the boxes from San Diego to New York, Phoenix to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and counted the minutes (or seconds) until eager seekers tracked them down.

The Hunts played out across social, delivering mystery prizes, and each post fueled the flame to know more about the hashtag behind it all.


Livestreamed #WHHSH Hunts

Fanning the need to know, we Periscoped the Hunts in two final cities, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Now everyone watching had a chance to feel the excitement.

As our host walked past landmarks, framing a #WHHSH Box for all to see, viewers cheered in feed while locals raced to the site, hoping to be first to the prize. Winners came at a sprint, besting the competition by seconds.

In our final stream, we revealed the connection: #WHHSH is your key to Las Vegas – and drove fans to a fulfillment site that offered exclusive Las Vegas prizes that could only be accessed through social actions using our hashtag


#WHHSH Weekends

Timed to sync with the reveal of Vegas as our Mystery Box, we launched an Influencer campaign. The Box was about to show some of its secrets.

Each month, 3-5 social Influencers were treated to a #WHHSH-inspired weekend of food tastings, helicopter rides, spa treatments, celebrity moments, even OMG surprises like pushing the button to turn on the Bellagio Fountain.


Unforgettable Impressions

All in all, the transmedia campaign played out across numerous touchpoints to drive a building wave of impressions. Eye-catching social was spiked with on-the-ground tactics in multiple cities, all of which was supported by on-air TV spots.

As awareness spread, fans moved from curiosity regarding the hashtag to adopting it into their language – and into their getaway plans. What happens here still stays here, only “here” is newly positioned as a Mystery Box waiting to be explored.