As fans, we were excited to pitch on Zoolander 2, exploring how to reintroduce Derek not only to an international audience, but also to a generation new to Blue Steel and Magnum. Our approach? We looked to capture the film’s energy via a poppy Buzzfeed-style site, all created from Derek’s distinctive “editorial” voice.

To pull this off, we worked closely with the film’s writing team, polishing ideas and language until it rang true to the canon. Then with Ben’s blessing, our modules were translated worldwide, sharing his (and Derek’s) humor across 10 different markets.


Imagine if Zoolander had a platform to sound off on a variety of issues, offering commentary on life, fashion, being really really good-looking and… Zoolander 2. Our Buzzfeed-inspired editorial site offered a portal into his mind while weaving traditional EPK (“Looks and Faces and Stuff”) into this in-world experience.

As the film rolled into new markets, we rolled out new content modules (quizzes, blogs, polls, games, etc.) from Derek to refresh the site – such as a “Fashion Point/Counterpoint” with Hansel or a “Which Designer Are You?” quiz.

With Ben Stiller playing a hands-on role, each of our posts was polished by the film’s writers until it played globally. And, ultimately, locally. Backed by filmmakers, the studio decided to make the official domestic site as well.