As fans, we were excited to reintroduce Derek not only to an international audience, but also to a generation new to Blue Steel and Magnum. We were even more excited by the unexpected challenge of getting sign-off on content from Ben Stiller himself.

With Ben’s meticulous blessing, and feeding off content originally created for our Buzzfeed-inspired site, we created a slew of social content for global use, sharing his (and Derek’s) humor with fans across 10 different markets.


Pieces of Derek

Leading up to the movie’s release, we created eleven weeks of content for the International social campaign, 44 original motion and static pieces. Inspired by print and broadcast creative, we integrated Derek and his co-stars into the pop culture conversation, infusing each piece with their unique POVs.

Starting with character statics playing off the faux perfume campaign, we mined classic fashion ad looks, holidays, topical conversations, even stops on the stars’ promotional campaign to continually drive talk around Derek’s return.

And to further integrate Zoolander’s tone into the zeitgeist, we served Talent custom creative for their personal Instagram accounts.